The history of the Ukrainian band HELLION began in the spring of 2005. In the course of the creation of the songs it turned out that the musical material was a fusion of Thrash, Death and Progressive Metal, which corresponded to the different aspirations of the musicians. Having prepared the first demo, solemnly titled “Hellion”, the band was ready to take their material into the live setting. An international festival – Metal Heads’ Mission 2005 – became the first concert stage, where the musicians were passing a very serious competitive selection.

The winter of 2005-2006 was when the band started playing their first concerts and the remainder of that year involved a very active touring schedule. Also in 2006 the band recorded their debut album Strong Enough which was released the same year.

In 2007 the musicians decided to change the name to HELL:ON, in order to avoid confusion with other bands of the same name. According to www.froster.org (Ukraine’s main metal-portal) HELL:ON was recognized as the best metal band of 2007 thanks to the number of votes they received.

The winter of 2007-2008 involved the band working on their second full-length album Re:Born which was released exactly two weeks before the end of 2008. Despite this late inclusion the album still managed to achieve 2nd place in the ranking of the best metal albums of the year, thanks once again to www.froster.org.

In 2009 the band recorded a new EP In the Shadow of Emptiness which was released as an Internet-single. After this release “Hells” (as friends had started referring to the band) commenced on their most active period of touring so far; performing live in such countries as Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. During this time the band would begin work on what would eventually become their 3rd album.

2011 saw the re-releases of both “Strong Enough” and “Re:Born” which were both re-pressed with a completely new artwork by Nurgeslag (ROTTING CHRIST, MOURNFUL GUST, etc.) and Marek “Ptys” Jastrzebski respectively.

More extensive (and intensive!!!) touring followed in 2012. HELL:ON did several European tours; playing in such countries as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. During this period HELL:ON took part in several international festivals including Metalfest (Poland). At the same time, the band continued to work on their third full-length album “Age Of Oblivion” which was finally released in July 2012. Jeff Waters from the mighty ANNIHILATOR guested on this album.

In the end of 2012 HELL:ON started to work on the fourth album entitled Hunt. Around the same time the band signed a label deal with newly formed German metal-label FERRRUM.COM. Recording sessions were finished in the summer of 2013. Such remarkable guitarists as Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND) and Marek “Spider” Pajak (VADER) starred on this album. Front cover artwork was done by Seth Siro Anton, who is known not only as a vocalist/guitarist of SEPTIC FLESH but also as a talented artist who did artwork for such acts as NILE, PARADISE LOST, MOONSPELL, EXODUS, VADER and many others. This album was released on November 25th, 2013. To promote the new album HELL:ON joined the Hell Revisited European Tour as a headliner, touring Germany, Czech Republic and Poland in October 2013. Same year the band was nominated for The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2013.

In 2014 the band started to work on the new album Once Upon A Chaos…, and in the beginning of 2015 finished the recording sessions. This work is definitely a ground-breaking release for the band, and the most powerful work to date. Keeping their deep roots in Death Metal, the band decided to introduce some experimental features into their music via the use of some traditional instruments like sitar or goat-pipe, and they succeeded in this trial delivering to listeners a powerful and apocalyptic album! One has to mention also that guest guitar solo on the new album was performed by Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA).

To sum it all up, HELL:ON is probably the most dynamically developing Extreme Metal band from Ukraine – a country that already has a thriving metal scene. Without any doubt it holds the title of the ‘Most Touring Band’ from this county having shared the stage over the years with such metal giants as RAGE, KREATOR, AMORPHIS, ANATHEMA, NAPALM DEATH, ARCH ENEMY, SODOM, VADER, MEGADETH, WASP and others.


Alexander Baev - vocal
Alexander Sitalo - bass
Oleg Talanov - drums
Anton Vorozhtsov - guitar
Alexey Pasko – guitar

Discography I

  • 2015 "Once Upon a Chaos..."
  • 2015 "Decade of Hell" (Compilation)
  • 2013 “Hunt”
  • 2012 “Age of Oblivion”

Discography II

  • 2010 “In the Shadow of Emptiness” (EP)
  • 2008 “Re:born”
  • 2008 “Beyond the Fake”
  • 2006 “Strong Enough”
  • 2005 “Hellion” (demo)

I've never imagined such quality Metal from Ukranie! Surprisingly well executed!

A brilliant modern thrash/groove metal album! If you only check out one metal band you’ve not heard before this year, Hell:on should be it! Stunning!

If groovy, guitar-oriented speed/thrash with a foul, aggressive vocalist is your thing, you must not pass up the opportunity to listen to this album!

Ein harsches Thrash-Brett aus der Ukraine!

'Hunt' ist ein Ritt durch kompromisslose Gefilde, der jedem Death Metal-Maniac Freudentränen in die Augen treibt!