Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, Ukrainians HELL:ON came up with their 5th album “Once Upon A Chaos...”. Sitar, goat-pipe, drymba, shehnai and all of that based on the old “good” Death Metal base! The album features guest appearance from Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA), and would be interesting for fans of VADER, MORBID ANGEL and SLAYER. It’s not a trend, it’s not a fashion... it is just pure fucking metal!


Style – Death Metal
Country – Ukraine
Format – CD
Release – Aug 31, 2015
Cat# – RRR04
EAN – 0662425071203

Tracklist I

1. Filth
2. Delirium
3. Curse of Flesh
4. Self-Destruction
5. Obliteration

Tracklist II

6. Lustration
7. Salvation in Death (feat. Andreas Kisser)
8. I’m God

Fans of death/thrash with ethno touches should absolutely check this out!
Rock Hard (DE), 8/10

HELL:ON sound like a more elaborated version of Soulfly! The album offers cosmopolitanism beside harsh riffing!
Deaf Forever (DE)

The label "extreme metal" applies to this album! Exciting!
Aardschok (NL), 78/100

The best album of HELL:ON so far!
Time For Metal (DE)

The death metal highlight of this August is coming from Ukraine!
Powermetal.de (DE), 8/10

Nice and varied with lots going on - but the bottom line is that it’s metal through and through!
Brutalism (NL), 4/5