It’s the quality and consistency of the songwriting that is perhaps most impressive about the new album. Whether the up-tempo power metal pummel of “Milestones of Time” or the mid-tempo elegance of “According to the Acts,” Time Isn’t Healing sinks the hooks in deep and keep the listener in a state of rapt attention from beginning to end. Fans of HELLOWEEN, RAGE, and similar icons of the genre are strongly encouraged to give this one a spin.


Style – Heavy Metal
Country – Ukraine
Format – CD
Release – Nov 25, 2016
Cat# – RRR05
EAN – 0602464994279

Tracklist I

1. Storm (intro)
2. Milestones of Time
3. The Jericho
4. Funeral Feast

Tracklist II

5. Time isn't Healing
6. According to the Acts
7. The Dream
8. Don't Trust the Words

Tracklist III

9. The Truth and the Lie
10. The Grief
11. Soul is Burning
12. The Eagle


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